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Where can I find the production code?

The production code is located in three places: on the assembly manual, on a white sticker on the back panel  (F) of the furniture (on panel B if the furniture is a bed), and on a white sticker on the outside of the box.  It is a 9 digit number that begins with ** followed by 100_ _ _ _ _ _, 300 _ _ _ _ _ _ or 500_ _ _ _ _ _.

Why do we need the production code?

The production code tells us what furniture you have as well as the exact date of production. This production date allows us to identify exactly which version of the assembly parts were used to produce your furniture and therefore ensures that the replacement parts that we send will match perfectly. Since production methods are updated and improved periodically, your production code gives us access to the recipe of your specific product. This code also allows the consumer to benefit of our 5 year warranty.

Why are my parts not all the same color?

In order to allow you to benefit from the best price possible and to reduce environmental impact, secondary parts that will be invisible once assembly is completed may be of a different color as they are recycled. It may also be that some parts are just packing material.  It is important to consult your parts list before beginning your project.

What should I do if part(s) of my furniture are broken?

Depending on the extent of the damage, several options are possible :

RTA Furniture :
If one or a few pieces of your furniture are broken: 1- Order replacement parts from us* 2- Return for exchange or refund (contact the retailer where it was purchased).

If more than half of the parts are broken: Return it to the retailer for an exchange or refund (on line or physical store).
Pre-assembled furniture :

Contact the retailer for an exchange, a refund, or to order replacement parts.

*To reach South Shore: Phone: 1-800-290-0465 E-mail:

Is it normal that a strange odor is coming out of my furniture?

By definition, particle board is made by a mixture of different woods. The finished product is therefore porous. It may be possible that certain odors are emitted from the product. This odor is in no way toxic or dangerous to the user. Moreover, this odor should deminish significantly after the first 3 months of use. To accelerate this, be sure to air out the room or place scented soap in the drawers.

Need advice for assembling your furniture?

Here are some tips for assembling your furniture :

  1. Before beginning your project, read the assembly guide completely to have an idea of how much time must be invested.
  2. Sort all the parts and count the hardware carefully. Assembly will be much easier and faster (approximately 20 minutes less).
  3. Follow the assembly steps, verifying each one so you can make minor adjustments as you go.
  4. Two people are needed to assemble your unit. Some lifting and repositioning of the furniture is necessary during assembly. Some steps can be difficult for one person to complete.
  5. Find out how to use our customer service department for any questions
What do I need to have ready prior to calling customer service so they can better understand the problem and help me?

In order to facilitate the understanding of the problem by our customer service agents, you must have these four elements in hand:

  1. Your assembly guide
  2. A preliminary idea of the problem
  3. Approximately 10 minutes to invest at the most
  4. Be in a quiet environment and have accesss to your furniture

Make sure these four elements are accessible in order to get the most from our customer service department.

What does the warranty cover?

Briefly the warranty covers all manufacturer defects or breakage under normal use for a 5-year period following the initial purchase. It includes the replacement of broken, missing or defective parts. Breakage during the initial assembly is also covered under this warranty.

How to install the moldings on my bed?

To fix the side moldings, raise the bed to make it stand up. The rounded face of the moulding must face the inside of the bed. Place it flush with the head of the bed and screw into the moulding (no pre-drilled holes on it). This will require some strenght and the help of another person. To install the front moulding, place the foot of the base on 2 chairs. Align it with the side moldings, rounded side facing outside the bed and screw it. For more information, watch this video!

How to realign my furniture?

Remove all the drawers and the back panel of the unit. Verify that the inside angle are exactly 90°. Retighten all the cam klix #158. Place the unit on a blanket, refix the back of the unit carefully. Raise up the unit and install your drawers. For more information, watch this video!

What are your quality packaging standards?

At South Shore Furniture, we understand that a product’s packaging can play a significant role in the consumer’s experience. We have our own in-house laboratory and all of our products sold online must meet the requirements of ISTA standard 3A. These tests consist of simulating all of the conditions experienced during the shipment of each piece of furniture from the manufacturer to the consumer.


To meet the standards, several drop tests are carried out to simulate the handling of boxes between loadings.


Each piece must spend a period of 2.5 hours on a vibrating table, which reproduces the conditions of road transportation.


In order for a piece of furniture to be certified ISTA 3A, all of its components must be intact when the box is opened at the end of the simulations. All components must then be validated by our Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP).


Each test carried out within our laboratory is included in a detailed report.


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