Present for more than three generations, South Shore Furniture has more than 700 passionate employees who have at heart the success of the company. The contribution of each employee has an impact on the creation of exceptional and dynamics work teams in each department. At South Shore, in addition to finding a job, you will find the opportunity to optimize your talent and skills in order to build a sustainable career.

Woman If you are interested in a job at South Shore Furniture, please send your resume to the following address : or you can send it via regular mail to: South Shore Furniture, 6168 Principale, Sainte-Croix (Québec) Canada G0S 2H0. All resumes are kept for a minimum 6-month period, but only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Jobs available at South Shore Furniture:
Journalier - Étudiant - Usine de Sainte-Croix

Nous avons présentement quelques postes étudiants à temps plein à combler à notre usine de Sainte-Croix pour les quarts de jour, soir et de fin de semaine.

Les titulaires du poste auront à opérer et ajuster différents équipements de production selon les procédés de fabrication (laminage, débitage, placage, perçage, machinage, emballage), à participer à l'emballage des meubles fabriqués, à manipuler les différentes pièces, à s'assurer de la qualité du travail et de garder les postes de travail propres et sécuritaires.

Nous recherchons des personnes débrouillardes, polyvalentes, autonomes et responsables. De plus, les candidats sélectionnés devront démontrer un désir et une capacité d'apprentissage, un souci du travail bien fait, une facilité à travailler et collaborer en équipe, de l'assiduité au travail ainsi qu'une attitude positive.

Horaire de travail :

-Quart de jour : 40h/sem. (lundi au mercredi : 7h à 16h30, jeudi: 7h à 15h30, vendredi : 7h à midi)
-Quart de soir : 40h/sem. (lundi au mercredi : 16h30 à 3h, jeudi : 15h30 à 2h)
-Quart de fin de semaine : 36h/sem. (vendredi et samedi : 7h à 17h, dimanche : 7h à 19h30, lundi : 7h à midi)



receptionist for over 20 years


designer for over 5 years


in charge of new finishes and accents for over 18 years


sales director for over 1 year


SAP analyst for over 8 years


customer service agent for over 5 years


drilling operator for over 9 years


project manager for over 4 years


team leader for over 14 years

Our team is dynamic, the roles and tasks are diversified within the different departments such as :

Customer Service

  • Orders treatment
  • Technical support for furniture assembly
  • Live chat with consumers
  • Team work
  • Support sales strategies

Research & Development of New Products

  • Design & conception
  • Effective solution search for affordable, functional and stylish furniture
  • Competitive and trends benchmark
  • Innovation, search for new materials
  • Prototyping
  • Project management
  • Technical drawing, feasibility analysis


  • Industry norms and certifications
  • Management of the ISO 9001 Quality System
  • Problem resolution
  • Continuous improvement (lean manufacturing)

Information Technologies

  • SAP programming
  • EDI, e-commerce
  • User support
  • Development of solutions


  • Production planning
  • Operation of machinery
  • Continuous improvement (lean manufacturing)
  • Kaizen activities
  • Technical drawing
  • Industrial engineering


  • Travel and client meetings
  • Results analysis and strategies
  • New market development
  • Identification of new product opportunities


  • Development of marketing tools
  • Organization & logistics of exhibitions
  • Advertising and promotion strategies
  • Development of inspirations and decorating tips
  • Animation of social media


  • Suppliers’ evaluation and selection
  • Rates negotiation
  • Local and international outsourcing of components


  • Planning of raw material requirements
  • Create parameters for each raw material in the system
  • Follow up on all the purchase orders


  • Processing accounts payable and receivable
  • Analysis of cost and profitability
  • Consolidation of several companies
  • Accounting, taxes, treasury, credit and pay services


  • Planning daily expeditions
  • Negotiation of freight rates with suppliers
  • Warehouse management
  • Custom aspects with the imports of our raw materials and export of our products
  • Innovation in packaging processes

Human Ressources  

  • Health and safety
  • Labor relations
  • Organization Development
  • Staffing
  • Talent development
  • Coaching managers

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How can I screw the back of the drawer with the screws #111 and the plastic dowels #242?

Although this may seem unusual and take a little extra strength, you must pierce the plastic dowel with the screw. This assembly method increases the solidity of your drawer by 25%. For more information, watch this video!

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